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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On the job hunt.

I had 2 job interviews yesterday, and thanks to the wonderful managers who interviewed me I found out that after almost four years of staying home, all I am qualified to be is a mom. Some days that are real trying on me I really feel like I am not truly qualified to be a mom. We have regressed recently Elizabeth was doing so good about doing #1 in the potty and now today she has had nothing but accidents. I sit here and wonder what it is that I am doing so wrong that causes her to take so many steps backwards. All of my friends keep telling me that it is just because Elizabeth has autism, and to tell the truth all that statement does is anger me. I do not see my daughter as a person that needs to use this as an excuse so it really upsets me when others do it for her. It is almost as if saying that because she has aspergers autism that will be her life long definition. I feel totally different I do not want her autism to define her I want her to have the ability to define her autism.

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