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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wow how things change.

We are approaching week 4 since my husband left, and I have seen a remarkable change in my daughter. I know that she is having a hard time dealing with out having her daddy around, but she is truly making such remarkable progress. I have finally made great progress in her potty training journey. I have not changed a wet diaper in 2 1/2 weeks now, yes we are still dealing with bowel movements in the diaper) but I can remember just two short weeks ago I was still changing on average 5 to 6 pee pee diapers a day.

Her anger is still real strong at times, she still asks for her dad but tonight she actually called him Clayton instead of daddy. Threw me for a loop there. She has also learned the letters: A, B, G, J, K, L, R, Y, & Z by looking at her flash cards. She actually attempted to draw a picture of her family and you could pretty much tell that she was trying to draw people. I am so proud of her. She is eating dinner with the family at night and not 2 hours after everyone else has eaten. She is also eating with her silver ware.

After seeing all of the progress in the past 3 weeks I am beginning to wonder if maybe she is not as delayed as we all thought. Maybe she was just feeling the same stress as I was and it was holding her back.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Single Motherhood.

Please do not think by the title that I am expert on this subject. I know I am not since I am very new to this. On the Friday before Father's day my husband and daughter's father walked out on our marraige. It has been very hard I know the trauma of it is is just beggining to rear it's ugly head.

I know that my daughter can feel my anger and hatred towards her father. Every time I hear her say daddy it really just grates my teeth. I really do hate that but must make sure that she does not see what it does to me.

No matter what pain I am feeling I know that she is also having pain. Since she has autism she can not express her self very good and when she does in is through anger and often violence. All I know to do is let her get it off her chest and not show any emotion in front of her. I feel like I have to be a huge stone. No fear no emotion.

For this reason I have not been able to write on here. I had recently started back to college befor all of this happened and wether I had wanted to admit it or not I actually seen all of this comming for a few years now. I will continue to try to blog as much as I can and share with you any things that make not only raising an developmentaly challenged child a bit easier but I will also try my best to tell you single parents out there what I am finding works best.

My first tip is every time your child says I hate you or I hate this just remember your child is angry just like you and is frustrated. She or he will change his or her mind before bed.